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Lift it, Tone it, Work It.

Although a toned booty and stronger abs sounds tempting, there is only one exercise routine that should be on your radar. Facial massage is the holy grail for your skincare routine and is one of the most effective ways to prevent wrinkles, remove toxins, and lift and tone the face. It is also a great way to absorb more of your product’s active ingredients making you get more out of your skincare investment. And the best news of all? It's completely free and you can do it from home.

So if you haven't caught up with the new skin trend do not panic, I have created a simple, easy to follow facial massage to incorporate in your daily routine.


Firm pressure: Great for lifting areas of your face, activating your facial muscles. 

Gentle pressure: Active acne or sensitive skin types should be treated delicately. Everyone should touch the eye area lightly and avoid any downward dragging movements. 


Ensure the face is thoroughly cleansed.

Add 1-2 pumps of oil and warm in palm of your hands.

Daily Routine

1. Palm stroke with opposite hands in an upward circular motion around the neck area working towards the lymph nodes behind ears.

2. Create a V shape with your index finger and thumb. Starting with both thumbs resting at the middle chin and knuckle sweep across the jaw line to the end of jaw line and pinch.

3. Using the whole palm, upwards sweep motions focusing on one side of the face at a time.

4. Starting from the centre of the face and sweeping outwards to the top of the cheek bone. 

5. Create a fist and use your knuckles placing them firmly under the cheek and lift holding for 5 seconds. Starting on your brow bone and using your index fingers press firmly along the brow bone then at the temple sweep gently under the eye area back to the starting point.

6. Small, repetitive movements - Use index fingers starting from the top of the eye brow and moving outwards, with one finger following the other focusing on forehead lines, eyebrow lift and moving out to crows feet. 

7. Repeat Step 3 but fast sweeping motions. 

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