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Facialist Frederika van Hagen


What struck me the most during my training is how skin concerns are so often addressed at surface level, rather than taking the time to dig deeper, reading and mapping the skin and responding to each client’s individual lifestyle and habits.


For me, treating skin holistically, addressing skin concerns at the root rather than the surface is the key to long lasting skin health. For example, if the skin is congested, a chemical peel will strip the skin and cause a temporary glow, but it will not solve the internal factors which have caused the build up in the first place. In my experience, less invasive methods such as facial acupuncture and LED light therapy are brilliant at encouraging the flow of oxygen rich blood and collagen to the skin and flooding the deeper layers of the epidermis with nutrients which will have a far more profound effect.


As a skin therapist, I have always drawn not only from the science but from treating skin firsthand and in the flesh. While I believe there is a place for harsher ingredients like retinoids and peels, I have always personally found that the skin responds best when it has strong foundations. I founded Saent with this in mind, to provide you with treatments that work alongside the skin’s natural processes to unlock your optimal skin health.



Formulated on the Balearic island of Ibiza by skin therapist Freddie van Hagen, Saent harnesses the power of plant oils to simplify the journey to glowing skin.

'Skin Health, Not Perfection' lies at the core of everything we do. Through knowledge and rituals, we want to support your skin's natural radiance.

The snake is known for shedding its skin, and in doing so is a symbol of hope: of transformation, healing and renewal. This is significant to our skincare products which aim to regenerate and revitalise.

The snake represents the power of nature. Because it lives close to the ground, it's an emblem of the nurturing earth. At Saent we are building a 100% natural brand with plant power at our core.

Saent Skincare with dropper
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Small batch suppliers

We work with carefully selected, small-batch manufacturers to reduce waste and ensure quality and freshness. 


Earth-friendly ingredients

We opt for ingredients that don’t cost the earth, by using oils that are cruelty-free, vegan, cold-pressed and organic where possible. Our oils are also largely sourced from Europe to reduce our carbon footprint. 


Supporting local makers

We source oils that uplift local communities. Our Argan oil supports women cooperatives in Morocco while our Prickly Pear supports cooperatives in Madagascar.

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