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Q&A with Kate Roath, founder of mindful skincare brand Wild Source Apothecary

"Skincare is such a tactile practise that it can really open up an opportunity to reconnect with yourself."


1. Saintly Skin has always been a supporter of Wild Source Apothecary, but for those who are new to the brand, tell us a little more about you and your wonderful skincare line?

Founder of Wild Source skincare
Kate Roath

Wild Source is a skincare brand that brings the ritual element to the forefront of our customers' experience. We create stripped back, organic formulas that are brimming with plant based skin food and amalgamate that with a meditative self-care ritual. I launched Wild Source in 2017 after struggling with my skin on and off for years. I had bad eczema and the stress of that flared it up even more, it became a vicious cycle. I later launched our first meditation series to encourage our community to use their skincare routine as an opportunity for mindful self-care rituals. I experienced first hand the positive change to my skin when I began incorporating a few minutes of meditation whilst applying my skincare and wanted to share the idea with the rest of the world.

2. The idea of merging mindfulness and skincare was pretty pioneering. Why do you think mindfulness is so important?

I think so often we can complete our daily tasks in a very absent minded manner. We don't take the time to enjoy or even notice much of our daily habits. Skincare is such a tactile practise that it can really open up an opportunity to reconnect with yourself. Taking care and enjoying the process of applying an oil or a face mask can be an incredibly therapeutic experience. Bringing mindfulness into your day can not only evoke feelings of calm and peace but also helps you to enjoy and appreciate things so much more!

For Wild Source's guided meditations please click here

3. Stress is a mini pandemic in itself, affecting so many people’s wellbeing. How does stress negatively impact our skin?

Well chronic stress (the stress that lasts for long periods of time) affects all of our organs, but our skin is the organ we can actually see. If you suffer from a skincare condition like acne, psoriasis or eczema then stress is likely to aggravate it and you'll experience flare ups. If you don't suffer from a skin condition then you will be more likely to be susceptible to one if you're chronically stressed. In times of stress our skin barrier can be compromised and weakened by an influx of the stress hormone Cortisol. Cortisol slows down the production of our own oils, this can mean we experience dry or rough patches or our skin feels irritated because it's those oils that act as a protective layer for us.

4. Apart from meditation, do you have any other mindful rituals?

The essential oils in our skincare are a great way to instill a sense of calm to your day. I often use Night Nectar (our overnight facial oil) on my wrists and take some deep breaths. The Lavender and Frankincense is such a heavenly blend and really calms me down if I feel overwhelmed or stressed out. Another ritual I couldn't be without is my daily bath. I have one every night and it's such a perfect way for me to wind down and get ready for bed. I use a couple of handfuls of Detox Soak and light a few candles. No phones allowed but I usually take a book in with me and a cup of tea.

“Cortisol slows down the production of our own oils, this can mean we experience dry or rough patches or our skin feels irritated because it's those oils that act as a protective layer for us."

5. Wild Source Apothecary’s ethos is all about ‘simplistic skincare’ - does this follow through into your personal day-to-day skincare routine or are you a secret skincare hoarder?

Historically I've been a real skincare hoarder, part of the reason I got into this industry is because I just love using beauty products. Saying that these days I'm much more restrained with my skincare and try to shop as consciously as possible. Instead of reaching for more products I'll always try and look at other ways I can support my skin first. There are a few brands that I'm very loyal to though and love. Votary and Kate Sommerville I think are both incredible brands.

6. What is your holy grail skincare product?

Miracle Oil

I actually have two and I can't be without either of them. Miracle Oil will always be my go-to, I don't go anywhere without it. It was the first product I formulated and a real lightbulb moment for me. It's such a brilliant multi-use product and everyone that uses it loves it. It's always the first product in our line I recommend because it's so versatile and the results are amazing. I also wouldn't be without Cleansing Oil, its silky and gentle yet so effective. Whether I'm taking off a full face of make-up or just the days SPF and dirt it melts everything away with utter ease. You can't beat freshly cleansed skin

7. Do you have any wellness hacks that you can share with us?

For about a year now I've slept with my phone downstairs instead of by my bedside and I'm sure my quality of sleep has improved because of it! Before, I would reach for my phone and start scrolling through emails before I'd even sat up in bed. Now I try to stay fairly strict with my work life boundaries and keeping my screen time down is essential for me. I usually switch my phone to aeroplane mode by 10pm each night and don't reach for it until after my morning meditation. I also start the day by writing down 5 things I'm grateful for then I'll meditate for 10 minutes or so. It's a really nice way to start the day and takes less than 5 minutes to do but before you've even started your day you feel a sense of gratitude. I start my day with hot water and lemon and then I'll have a coffee. Body brushing before my morning shower really helps to get the blood flowing and energises me.


For more information on Wild Source Skincare head to or follow them @wildsourceskincare

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