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Updated: Jun 29, 2023

We meet the Ibiza insiders who share with us the magic of the white isle.

Q&A with an luxury eyewear designer, a restauranteur and founder of a dance agency all who live and work on the island.



Eyewear designer for Bottega Veneta, Givenchy, Chloe, Kenzo

What is your favourite thing about living in Ibiza and why did you decide to move here?

My favourite thing is living barefoot!! Nothing grounds me more than my feet on the earth or in the sand. I decided to make the move as I felt so good when I visited and it was always so painful to leave, I knew I wanted to make the island my home.

As a luxury fashion eyewear designer. How has Ibiza inspired your work?

In a broader sense the energy here makes me feel alive and free. That’s a great starting point for my creative process. In a more literal sense-reflections on the water have inspired many lens colourations.

Would you share some of your favourite swim spots with us, so we know where to find those crystal clear waters?

Ses Caletes, S’illiot. Then there are the ones I have been sworn to secrecy!


Owner of the iconic restaurant La Olivia and Ibiza baby born and raised

You have been living in Ibiza since you were a little girl, what was it like growing up on such an amazing island, and how has it changed over the years?

I was so lucky to grow up in Ibiza, in total freedom, peace, safety, healthy and magical environment. I was also completely surrounded by nature, from the beautiful orange trees in my local French school to swimming in Salinas every afternoon, or horse riding in the campo! It has changed a lot in the last years for a kind of quicker way of living and the island has adapted to the tourism demand. Growing infrastructures and bigger hotels to extended summer seasons, the Island is pushed to the maximum for festival pleasures but I do think Ibiza’s essence is unchanged and we are lucky to be in a place of paradise in the middle of Europe.

Tell us about your beautiful restaurant L’Olivia, Dalt Villa and what its like running an Island institution

I am extremely grateful to have inherited a family run restaurant in the Old Town, La Oliva.

My parents come with nothing but dreams and intentions of hard work and so they opened our family restaurant 36 years ago.

I am 31 and took over 12 years ago and always joke La Oliva is older than me, I grew up in this street, with the gypsy neighbours, with the folkloric performers, and all the charming Old Town atmosphere and every day I love it the same and am amazed with the people I get to meet here year after year.

I love the beginning of season seeing Dalt Vila transform in the most lively place and I love selling enjoyment.

What is your best tips for travellers coming to Ibiza this Summer?

My best tip for ibiza traveller’s would be: Rent a car and explore the island!

What is the magic of Ibiza to you?

Book some places but let yourself free to explore and discover, drive and walk around, go early in the morning to the beach, eat local, treat yourself for a boat ride and take everything easy.


Founder of Decadence Agency and Stretch Ibiza

Can you share with us your favourite spot in ibiza?

My favourite restaurant has to be the Fish Shack for simplicity at its best.

Beach has to be Cala Salda for its contrasting blues (take your snorkel)

But the real gem is hiking amongst Ibiza’s secret spots, my partner Andy is a real life compass and I am forever learning, top tip - head North West!

When did you first arrive in Ibiza and what are your memories of this time?

I arrived in May 2008 during my first summer of University. I had never been abroad alone. My first job was performing ballet at the infamous Manumission show. I had no idea of what this was - I just assumed performing ballet it was some what orthodox. I mean, how wrong could I have been really? Call it stupidity or ignorance it was safe to say that the shock was an understatement. Hedonistic bliss of a different type of culture, everyone accepted for who and what they were. Surrounded by primitive beauty, a healing Mecca and the true concept of freedom. No one wore a watch, cared for the news, no one knew anyones surname. Yet the connection of community and the love I felt for the island that first summer is the reason I stayed. So… here we are 16 years on!

Tell us more about Decadance and how it shaped your experience living on the island?

Decadance has helped me grow in a number of ways, from being the performer to managing an international team of 38. It has helped from my journey understanding their needs from the grassroots up, to creatively executing projects and to communicate and collaborate with clients from both perspectives of performer and management.

It’s also helped me push in to my other business of Stretch Ibiza which is based on Somatics, movement and physical therapy.

It has help create that bridge of leaving the performing world and finding practice in other areas that I am passionate about personally and within business. It has also been a fundamental way for me to give back and to contribute to others which has been the most rewarding gift.

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